Our program works because Mike uses a psychological approach that helps each child overcome fear and gain confidence that will be the foundation for a lifelong love of the water. Every swim school teaches skills; we instill the courage and desire to use those skills. Whether your child is new to the water, fearful, or has been unsuccessfully taught elsewhere, Mike’s intuition and experience will help your child achieve extraordinary results in a very short period of time.

Mike O’Brien Swim Instruction has been operating in Orange County since 1993. Mike began teaching swimming after watching his own son learn to swim at three years old. Once Mike began teaching children, his passion for and giftedness in helping his young students succeed inspired him to make a permanent career change. Over three decades, Mike has developed a strong reputation in Southern California strictly through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied parents.


Build your child’s self-confidence and independence


Positively encourage your child to overcome challenges and enjoy the process of learning to swim


Develop your child’s skill and enjoyment of the water


Help your child reach their level of capability at their age/development


Maximize safety by training your child to reach the side of the pool & get out

  • • yell or scream at your child
    • use any props on which your child could become dependent
    • create the need for perpetual lessons or the presence of an instructor to enjoy the pool
    • teach your child skills for which they are not ready
    • waver from maintaining control of class and giving the students his undivided attention

Mike has developed and fine-tuned his method while teaching thousands of children over the last 30 years, drawing upon his background as a world-class swimmer, swim coach, and parent. His method is a cognitive behavioral approach to teaching young children in which each day builds upon the success from the day before. Parents are frequently amazed at Mike’s insight into their child’s motivations and his ability to successfully teach even the most resistant child. This method works well for children with all types of temperaments, any level of water experience, and all levels of development (special needs children are welcome).