Mike possesses a firm, yet reinforcing demeanor that propels children to challenge themselves and build their self-esteem.  You’ll hear the following quite often in his lessons: “‘I can do it.” or “I did it.”  When my son, who has learning disabilities, first started, he was anxious and fearful.  Now, he is confident, yet cautious when in the water.  He knows he can do it (and much more than swimming) and it’s all thanks to Mike.  I look forward to the next lesson with him!  Thanks, Mike!

-Josh, Costa Mesa

I wish we had a before and after picture. Three years ago both my girls would kick and scream on the way to the lesson and practically cry for the entire first two lessons. They would come out of the water still crying and slap Mr. Mike’s hand saying, “I did it”. Now both of my girls love swimming in the water!  I’m sure you can tell from the smiles on their faces!! Nadia is now asking for me to find a swim team for her to be on! Thank you, and especially Mr. Mike for your dedication to teaching kids to swim.  It is more than just years of practice and knowing child psychology. Mr. Mike has a way about him that is innate and can’t be taught or learned. He gives the kids a sense of confidence from day one.  Thank you for installing that confidence in my girls.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. I will continue to recommend you to all of my friends.

– Kim, Newport Beach

I’m not one to be easily impressed, but you exceeded all expectation.  Your calm, confident, straight-forward manner allow the littles to learn and grow two seamlessly.  It was a joy to see the transformation.

– Ellie, Laguna Beach

So grateful to have you introduce my son to swimming!  Your method has helped me to have a new perspective on parenting, too.. I admire the calm, authoritative, caring approach.

– A & B, Laguna Beach

Thanks again for a great session.  I’m always so impressed by what you bring out in the kids.  You are awesome!

– Susan, Huntington Beach

Thank you for teaching our son to swim.  We appreciate all of your love and patience in coaching him!  We look forward to seeing you next summer.

– Erin, Laguna Niguel

Thank you so much for teaching our son to swim.  I still can’t believe our son who never wanted to put his face under water is now swimming across the pool after only 9 days!  After the first 2 days, he did not like the lessons and asked if he could go to a different swim school.  On day 5, he was excited to come to lessons and was actually sad when I told him tomorrow was our last day.  Thank you for giving our child such a positive swim experience.  We will be back next year with his little brother.

– Shireen, Tustin

I am very glad that I was able to attend Mike’s lessons every day. It was like a great two weeks of parenting lessons for me. I witnessed how Mike was interacting with the kids with different personalities and started to understand why other moms called him “The Kids’ Whiperer”. He was firm and effective yet so kind and patient. I learned so much from him myself. I really can’t say enough good things about Mike’s program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to swim, becoming a better swimmer or even improving their communication skills with their kids.

– Bing, Laguna Beach

What an awesome class! All of us parents sitting on the sidelines were completely in awe of how Mike handled the kids. We’re trying to use the same even tone that he uses in his voice. Thanks again for this very important service you are doing. Fun for the kids and peace of mind for us parents.

– Jane, Irvine

“I just wanted to tell you that we were so happy and impressed with your program! Over the years, we had heard about Mike teaching friends’ kids to learn to swim, but since we started Lucas at 1 year old, he was super comfortable in the pool and could ‘swim.’ However, I was getting a little frustrated with how his form was so sloppy even after years of swim classes (about 5 years). In one week, Mike fixed the years of struggle of trying to learn the form. This past week I felt like I wasted years and money for all those swim lessons. We sure wish we started out the stroke clinic with Mike a whole lot sooner. But, we are grateful we found him. Thank you so much! We will see you next summer for sure!”

– Loretta, Newport Beach

“I am so grateful for Coach Mike’s directness yet gentleness and patience with his students. Vu is enjoying the pool and he is swimming almost every day since he finished his first swimming lesson. He is a swimmer at heart … thanks to you!”

– Hanh, Huntington Beach

“Let me begin by thanking you a million times for the amazing job Mr. Mike is doing. After the bad experience we had last summer, I never dreamed I would see (my daughter) having fun swimming as she is now. I seriously get emotional every time I think about it. Please let him know how pleased we are with him.”

– Azita, Irvine

I just wanted to relay a hearty thank you regarding the swim lessons. I was truly pleasantly surprised by the degree of progress Keira made in such a short span of time. She is very cautious by nature, and she can also be very willful, so I wasn’t even sure if we’d get her head under water. Not only is she now incredibly proud that she can swim short distances, but she said (and I quote) that she was “very bummed that there are no more swimming lessons with Mike”. I would highly recommend this program and will definitely be signing up my son for next summer.

– Amy, Laguna Beach

“I would like to thank you for the great experience Lauren had with her swim lessons with you. It is truly inspiring to see a world class athlete teach our child such an important lifetime skill in such a patient, informative, and empowering manner. I appreciate your dedication and confidence as well as your professional approach.”

– Guy & Debra, Newport Coast

“I just had to tell you about Max. I took him in (to practice) yesterday. He cried for the first swim out to me and I thought this isn’t a good start. Next thing I know, he’s swimming like crazy. He was jumping off the sides, swimming back and forth. We couldn’t keep him out of the pool yesterday!!!! He begged to go back in every time we took him out. He didn’t even want to take a break. First thing he said this morning was “is it time to go swimming?”. All of our friends were so impressed that he learned that much in two weeks. We just wanted to thank you and say how impressed we are with your program!!!!!”

– Jeff & Monica, Orange

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